The Big Bang Theory Or Friends Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Penny Or Phoebe?

Can you guess the street smart lady from just one line?

The Big Bang Theory Friends

The Big Bang Theory had many parallels with the popular 90s sitcom Friends. There were similar storylines, similar surroundings and even similar characters. Waitress Rachel and Penny, whiny romantic Ross and Leonard, even bossy wives like Monica and Bernadette serve as perfect evidence to this statement. But when it came to a more spiritual approach to life, it was Penny and Phoebe who were on the same wavelength.

Despite their enormous character polarisation, these two blonde beauties believed in psychics. Not to mention they were both vegetarians in different accentuations. Penny loved fish and the occasional steak whereas Phoebe only ate meat when she was pregnant with triplets. There's definitely plenty of similarities when it comes to these two beautiful souls but when it comes to the quotes of Penny and Phoebe, how easy is to tell them apart? It's time to find out with this ultimate quotes quiz. Who said the following quotes - was it Penny or was it Phoebe?

How well will you score on this Big Bang Theory/Friends quotes quiz?

1. "Eye Contact? I Hope You Were Using Protection."


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