The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Which Mother Said It - Wolowitz, Hofstadter, Koothrappali Or Cooper ?

Whose mother was it?

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a TV show with lots of retrospectives. And we're not talking about Fun with Flags: Behind the Flags - A Retrospective. What we really mean is a retrospective to the characters’ childhoods, constant bullying and other difficulties they faced while growing up.

Being a genius cost Sheldon a quarter in his ear, Leonard nicknamed Nancy, Raj had a penis drawn on his forehead and Howard given wedgies and swirlies. In addition, they all seem to have mother issues.

Sheldon was raised by an overprotective Christian from East Texas, who never stopped bossing around Shelly Bean. Leonard’s whole childhood was an experiment, which led him to become a woman pleaser and strive for approval. Howard, well he lived with his mom in hell. And don’t forget spoilt and rich Raj, who manipulated his mother to get back with his father.

Well, obviously the matrimonial momentums and metrics made the plot of the show even more entertaining. Not to mention, hilarious appearances of the mothers. So, let’s see how well you remember them. Can you match the quote to the right mother?

Answers at the end!

1. "Are You Having A Playdate?"


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