The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Whose Nickname Was It?

Can you remember who Moonpie, Fruit Loops, Sockmouth and Clogzilla belong to?


As part of the golden age of sitcom television that we’ve all found ourselves in during the past decade or so, few shows have consistently wowed as much as The Big Bang Theory did during its mammoth run.

That mammoth run consisted of a ludicrous 279 episodes across 12 seasons, making this Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady creation a series that few can match when it comes down to the very fundamentals of sheer longevity.

When looking back on The Big Bang Theory, one of the clear and obvious elements that made the show so great was the ensemble at the centre of the series. And like so many similarly great sitcoms, the core cast of The Big Bang Theory all had their own unique nicknames – be that a moniker given to them by someone else or even just a self-anointed mantle.

Like to consider yourself a nerd worthy of challenging the smarts and knowhow of the brains at play at the centre of The Big Bang Theory? Now’s time to put that to the test.

All that’s being asked of you right now, is to try and remember which of the following nicknames were given to which Big Bang character!

1. Bestie


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