The Big Bang Theory Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Recurring Characters Fill In The Gaps Quiz

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Over the course of 12 seasons and 279 episodes, the core cast of The Big Bang Theory quickly became a well-oiled comedy machine.

From Sheldon's hilarious social awkwardness to Penny's no nonsense street smarts, this group of lovable losers effortlessly bounced off each other like toddlers in a bouncy castle.

Although Leonard and co take most of the glory for the praise the series gets, it's important not to forget the recurring characters and guest stars who, for a few short moments, came in and completely stole the show. Whether it be a hapless comic book store owner or a menacing former Star Trek actor, this quiz will look at the comedic co-stars who certainly left their mark during their short time on The Big Bang Theory.

So, if you consider yourself to be a Big Bang Theory boffin, this fill in the gaps quiz will test your knowledge of the show to the absolute limits. Sure, these characters were memorable, but do you think you can cast your mind back to some of their brilliant, stupid and downright weird quotes that they gave us over the years?

If you're feeling brainy, then give it a go! Good luck.

1. Stuart: "Could You Please Stop ____. They're Just ____."


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