The Big Bang Theory's HARDEST Quiz Ever!

It all started with a hard quiz.


The Big Bang Theory is a series that can be credited with bringing 'nerd' culture into the mainstream. It could be just sheer coincidence that it happened at a similar time to the show becoming popular, but it is more likely that it had a direct impact on it. At least that seems like more fun.

Not only can the stereotypical nerd find similarities in life with the show, the broader public can relate also. It wouldn't have achieved record ratings without appealing to those who only delve into comic book stores. There are many situations, interactions and personality traits that even the least science-fiction loving person can watch and be reminded of a memory. Then there is all the hobbies that the characters boldly and shamelessly enjoy, hobbies that many people decide to call 'guilty pleasures'.

Don't keep these pleasures guilty, embrace the nerd in you and take our Big Bang Theory quiz! How well do you think you know the show?

Answers are at the end!

1. What Is The Name Of Raj's Dog?


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