The HARDEST Community True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

Good luck achieving 100% on this hardest Community quiz on the web!


It’s crazy to think that Community came to a close a whole five years ago now, with the show formally wrapping up its final season in June 2015.

Running for 110 episodes across six seasons, the series proved to easily be one of the most entertaining and popular TV sitcoms of the past decade. The ratings for Community may not have always been the strongest, but the series had plentiful die-hard fans during its run. Even more-so, Community has amassed a huge following in the years since it concluded – which the show obtaining a whole new level of cult popularity as more and more people finally get round to checking out Greendale’s community college antics.

For all of the ups and downs that Community had, that only seemed to make the fans of the series love the show even more. Whether that was cast departures, creative exits, or the constant prospect of cancellation, the trials and tribulation of Community only served to bring the fans of the show closer together and make them more fervent in their support for the show.

Looking back at its six-season run, then, how well do you actually know Community? It’s time to find out, for we’ve assembled the toughest Community quiz imaginable!

1. Community Was Created By Donald Glover?


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