The Mandalorian Season 2: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References Explained

Wait, so WHO is Ahsoka looking for again?


The second season of Star Wars' The Mandalorian has left most people overall satisfied, while leaving the Star Wars fandom in its usual state of ear splitting rage for reasons that you should all be thanking me for not telling you.

There's a lot that set this season apart from the one that came before it, chief among them being - by far - its increased connection to the greater Star Wars universe.

Now, whether this is a good or bad thing in the long run is up to you to decide and for the show to ultimately fall on, but for this season, they managed to keep it pretty under control. That said, it doesn't mean they didn't reference a TON of Star Wars stuff, both from the new canon, plus some old EU stuff that we hadn't heard from in quite some time.

Let's take a good hard look at this latest season of The Mandalorian and see what Easter eggs, references, and secrets Lucasfilm managed to cram in.


15. The Return Of Maclunkey!

Lucasfilm / Disney+

When Star Wars was brought over to Disney+, fans were treated to yet another edit to the first movie - this one even stranger than all the ones before it.

In A New Hope, before Greedo gets shot in the face, he has just enough time to cry out "Maclunkey!" This line has no subtitles to it, so he's not saying anything in Rodian, so we have to assume he's saying someone's name. But none of that matters because it neither adds nor subtracts anything from the narrative, making everyone wonder just... why. Just why.

The fandom wasn't even angry - they were mostly just confused. As were a lot of people working on the new Star Wars stuff, I imagine, because the post credit scene for the end of Mandalorian Season 2 featured a guard in Bib Fortuna's palace screaming the same confusing phrase before being murdered by Boba Fett.

It wasn't a Rodian, so this isn't a Rodian phrase. Is it just a weird phrase people are going to reference for the hell of it, or is there something deeper going on?

Eh, who cares. Maclunkey!


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