The Office Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Jim Halpert Or Mike Hannigan?

Was it Pam's man or Phoebe's boo?

The Office Friends

Humour, romance and charm; you'll get more than your daily dose of all three with these guys.

Every sitcom has that nice guy who makes you think, "wow, wouldn't they be a solid catch?". Both Jim from The Office and Mike from Friends really got those thoughts in your head, as both were excellent husband material.

These characters were great examples of how people who seem ordinary on the surface can still be excessively fun. In the weird world of sitcoms, Jim and Mike came across like regular folk with no over-the-top personalities or eccentricities. Instead, it was their quick wits, dedication and relatability that turned them into beloved characters. Something that helped this was their well-written dialogue.

Mike and Jim really did have a way with words. Whether it was cracking jokes or making epic confessions of love, you could never turn your nose up at the iconic lines these two delivered. However, it does get a little tricky to sort between them.

So, it's time to see if you truly know these sitcom heartthrobs. But don't be mistaken; scoring 100% on this quiz won't be a walk in the (central) park!

1. "I Am A Black Belt In Gift Wrapping."


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