The Office Quiz: Whose Alias Is It?

The Office US American Workplace Quiz - Can You Remember These Dunder Mifflin Nicknames?


The Office managed to do the unthinkable, in taking a great existing property, putting its own spin on it, and unquestionably bettering what had come before it.

Make no mistake about it, the UK version of The Office is a phenomenal piece of sitcom television. But the US take on The Office? Infinitely better than its predecessor.

What both shows have in common, of course, is a core cast of fantastic characters and genius writing. While both crews are full of beloved characters and memorable moments, again the US incarnation of the IP stands head and shoulders above its UK counterpart. And in particular, it’s the back-and-forths between the US incarnation’s central ensemble that shines so brightly.

As part of those back-and-forths, The Office (US) features a slew of nicknames, monikers, and outright insults traded between the series’ main characters and supporting players. But how well do you remember these often-apt aliases that the show served up across its nine seasons and total of 201 episodes?

Here, there’s an Office quiz that only the biggest of Dunderheads die-hard fans will excel at. Best of luck remembering who actually was Voodoo Mama Juju!

1. Recyclops


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