The Walking Dead: 10 Most Pointless Characters

Pointless Walking Dead characters - Beth, T-Dog and more!

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead is certainly a show with a diverse cast of characters who run the gambit from loveable to detestable.

The hit AMC show is now heading into its eleventh and final season, and with the amount of characters introduced, there are unfortunately going to be some casualties in the writing room.

There are many characters who fall victim to fan apathy due to their lack of screen time, forgettable personalities, or even just having nothing to really do. You can argue that this is due to poor writing, but it can't be understated that the show's writers and showrunners have written some of the best characters we've seen on TV. But that's not what is up for discussion here.

If your favourite character is on the list, it doesn't necessarily mean they are bad characters, just that they don't have a function or niche in the show. Many of these survivors deserve much better than the hand they've been dealt, and ultimately had so much more potential that was squandered.

It also should be mentioned that there are spoilers ahead for the entirety of the main series.

10. Anne And The Scavengers

The Walking Dead
Gene Page/AMC

The Scavengers were an extremely odd group.

Introduced in Season 10 and lead by Anne, also known as Jadis, they were a ragtag group of junkyard-dwellers who spoke in a strange language, made bizarre art pieces, and ultimately served no purpose.

When the group were massacred at the hands of Simon, it's safe to say that no real tears were shed. Aside from the leader who later saves Rick's life in his last episode, the only other notable feature of the group was the spiked walker they made Rick fight to prove his worth.

It's a safe bet that 99% of the fanbase can't remember any of their names.

Their multiple betrayals of both sides made them untrustworthy, and their addition to a show that was already populated with four warring factions was unnecessary to say the least.


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