The Walking Dead: 10 Things To Expect When Season 9 Returns

There's much to expect when season 9 returns.

Image Comics/AMC

While AMC's The Walking Dead takes a lot from the Image Comics the series is based on, season nine's first half strayed about as far from the source material as it possible could.

Not only did the show "kill" Rick and somehow lose Maggie, it jumped forward in time six years, which is far beyond where the comics currently are sitting.

Deviating from the comics isn't a bad thing, but it does help to establish the show as an entirely separate property. Even with these changes (and several more), the series still takes its cues from the comics, which is why it's still possible to look to those books for answers.

What may come to pass when season nine returns on February 10, 2019 can be put together after looking through the books. Some of the events would have to be changed to accommodate the time-skip, the still-living characters who should be dead and vice-versa, but the comics give some hint as to what to expect when The Walking Dead returns to close out its ninth season.

SPOILER ALERT for anyone who isn't caught up on the comics, this article will SPOIL many events that take place beyond The Walking Dead #127


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