The Walking Dead Season 9: 10 Reasons To Actually Be Excited

Could this be the season that resurrects the show from the dead?


Even the most dedicated of Walking Dead fans have to admit the last two seasons have been rather pitiful. After a peak viewership of around 14.5 million during its fifth season, viewers have been dropping like flies since with figures reaching an all-time low with Seasons 7 and 8.

The critical response has been far less enthusiastic too and with the disappointment of last season – essentially one ridiculously long, drawn-out gunfight – and the unpopular decision to kill off Carl Grimes, it’s no surprise that even some former diehards are declaring the show deader than its walkers.

But with tantalising trailers and teaser artwork hinting that some very juicy plotlines are in store for us fans alongside some major shake-ups both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, it looks like Season 9 could very well be the season that gets the show back on track.

Though we’ll be saying goodbye to some of the show’s best-loved characters, we’ll also be welcoming new allies and villains and a brand-new showrunner (so long, Scott Gimple). Perhaps it’s a little premature to get too hyped but maybe – just maybe – we might see the show restored to its former glory.


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