Ultimate Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Chandler Bing Or Marshall Erikssen?

Was it Chanandler Bong that said it or will you try to guess again for Big Fudge?


Between the shows of Friends and How I Met Your Mother you could probably find all the sitcom fans that there is. With Friends arguably at the top of the list for most popular sitcom across generations ever and How I Met Your Mother frequently compared to it, it would be hard to find a fan of sitcoms that dislikes both.

Out of all the possible comparisons that can be made with these two sitcom heavyweights, the most obvious ones are between the main characters and their roles they bring to the series. Monica and Lily are often considered to be the mothers of the group, Joey and Barney are the two men seemingly trying to sleep with the entire female population of New York while Robin and Phoebe are stronger independent characters with much more intense back stories.

But the two characters most important to us are Chandler and Marshall, the best bro's. Whether it's Joey or Ted neither of them could have hoped to get as far as they have in life without these two guys helping them along the way. With many kind words and even more hilarious ones, can you remember which one said it?

Answers are at the end!

1. Nice Camouflage. For A Minute, I Almost Didn't See You There.


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