You'll Never Be Able To Remember Which Friends Character Said These Lines!

Do you remember the one with the memorable quotes?


For an entire decade there was one show to watch at home. One show that was the king of all sitcoms. That show was Friends. It didn't just dominate at the time, but continues to do so for it's entire genre to this day.

There have been many sitcoms with a similar theme to Friends. Countless shows involve friends as young adults living in New York or similar cities whilst going through the struggles of finding the right career, relationship and happiness. But it has not been done better than with Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler and Ross. These characters had you won over from the very beginning as you could feel the genuine connection between them from the history before the show, as well as the brilliant chemistry between the cast.

Friends has created many iconic moments in television such as Ross moving the sofa, Joey refusing to share food and almost anything that comes out of Chandler's mouth. But how well do you pay attention to these moments? Can you remember which characters said these lines along the way?

Answers are at the end!

1. “Well, Maybe I Don’t Need Your Money. Wait, Wait, I Said Maybe!”


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