10 Best Body Transformations In UFC History

9. Jon Jones (Skinny To Ripped)

Jon Jones can claim a few monikers in the UFC.

Best Light Heavyweight in UFC history.

Most controversial athlete in the sport.

The best ever to step in the Octagon (if you subscribe to the Dana White way of thinking).

Most shredded man in the company?

Not usually what springs to mind when the current Light Heavyweight champ's name is mentioned. However, the man that has put a gangly frame to incredible use throughout his MMA tenure once sculpted a physique that would make Dwayne Johnson jealous.

After being suspended (for his part in a hit and run incident, in which he fled his vehicle, in 2015) and having to relinquish his Light Heavyweight title, 'Bones' found himself with a lot of time to think about his actions.

Jones would begin powerlifting and go on to add a substantial 23lbs to his system since his fight with Daniel Cormier earlier that year, revealing a new body that looked more comfortable in a Mr.Olympia contest than an Octagon.

In the space of seven months, Jones had gone from a criminal to a man that had got himself into the shape of his life.

We all know how things would unfold down the road and Jones' failed drug tests can't be ignored when keeping this transformation in mind.

Still, at the time it was a shocking change in such a short space of time.

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