10 Despicably Villainous UFC Moments

9. Tony Ferguson Brings Charlie Rader's Kid Into The Fight

Long before he became the boogeyman of the UFC or he found himself in arguably the most anticipated MMA clash of 2020, Tony Ferguson was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 and went on to win the whole competition.

Yet he wasn't solely focused on being the best fighter in the room throughout his term on the show. Sometimes he was just determined to being the biggest b*stard in the room.

That was evident during a scuffle which took place between himself and teammate Charlie Rader back at the fighter's house.

After Radar had poured some water on Ferguson as a joke, the latter tackled the former over a couch and straight through a coffee table. With the pair both clearly intoxicated, Ferguson decided to take things up a notch and began to press his arm up against Rader's windpipe.

The Team Lesnar fighters continued to verbally go at it after they were separated and that's when Ferguson chose to really cross the line.

Knowing that Rader had been trying to be a part of his child's life for the last two years, Ferguson asked him, "where's your kid at?"

This understandably sent Rader over the edge and it was just unfortunate that he didn't get a chance to exact some revenge on the dastardly Ferguson on the show.


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