10 Friends Turned Foes In The UFC

10. Jon Jones And Rashad Evans

These two impressive fighters both honed their craft under the tutelage of the MMA godfather that is Greg Jackson, at his esteemed base in Albuquerque.

What's remarkable about this eventual rivalry is the fact that the two light heavyweights promised to never allow the sport to compromise their friendship.

Well, they tried.

That was all until the light heavyweight gold entered the scenario.

Before Jones' title shot against Shogun Rua - after the newly usurped champion, Evans, had been replaced by his teammate for the bout and the former had given Jones consent to fight for his old belt - 'Bones' decided to talk up a potential match up with Evans.

This irked his friend as the two had been transparent in their oath.

The two would clash after Jones' title winning performance and Evans would ignite a war with his Jackson team members, leading to him leaving the group.

Twitter warfare ensued and the old pals went back and forth on the internet and on television, too.

The two would also ruffle each other's feathers in a nightclub before their originally scheduled fight at UFC 133.

Both would have injuries that scuppered this titanic grudge match and it was only by the third attempt that we actually got to the cage unscathed - at UFC 145.

Jones would come out on top by unanimous decision and retain his title.

Was all that worth destroying a valuable friendship and splitting a team over?


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