10 MMA Fighters Who Became Pro Wrestlers

10. Tank Abbott


After establishing himself as a fan favourite during the early days of the UFC, Tank Abbott transitioned to professional wrestling at the height of its popularity, but would not enjoy the crossover success of a Ken Shamrock who had made the switch during the same period.

Despite not being one of the most dominant forces in the Octagon, Abbott's propensity for violence and sizeable knockout power led him to greater success than his physique may have indicated. After retiring from MMA following a KO loss to Pedro Rizzo, Abbott was scooped up by WCW with an eye to position him as a future challenger for Goldberg.

Abbott's run as a legitimate challenger would never materialise, however, and the former UFC title challenger found himself relegated to being a comedy act that was obsessed with the wrestling boyband 3 Count before being released by WCW in the final days of the organisation.

A shame, really. Imagine how much better the invasion angle could have been with Tank Abbott among the WCW stars...

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