10 Most Heated Rivalries In UFC History

10. Frank Mir Vs. Brock Lesnar

Frank Mir was trash-talking Brock Lesnar way before the multiple-time WWE Champion even stepped in the Octagon, as Mir wasted no opportunity to take shots at Lesnar once the hulking Beast signed with UFC.

The pair would go on to have two UFC fights - with one win apiece - but this rivalry was one brimming with hatred and some shocking comments.

For Mir's part, he didn't hold back as he lambasted Lesnar, the pro wrestling business, and even Brock's family. Oh, and Frank said how he wanted to break Lesnar's neck and see him die in the Octagon. Nice!

When the pair first met at UFC 81 in Brock Lesnar's UFC debut, Mir made his opponent tap in under two minutes. Fast forward to UFC 100 and recently-crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion Lesnar retained his title with a second round TKO stoppage win over Mir - which Brock followed up by getting in the bloodied Mir's face.


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