10 Most Underrated UFC Bouts Of 2019

8. Dominick Reyes Vs. Chris Weidman (UFC On ESPN 6)

Jon Jones' next challenger in the form of Dominick Reyes wasn't on too many people's radars before the start of 2019. However, by the end of the year he'd more than established himself as one of the top contenders in the Light Heavyweight division.

One fight in particular highlighted exactly how tough and intelligent the Californian genuinely was inside of the Octagon and that was his relatively short tactical masterclass against Chris Weidman at UFC Boston.

The wiley seasoned warrior Weidman used his grappling nuance to press Reyes up against the side of the cage early on.

But, Reyes didn't panic.

Instead, he bided his time for the perfect opportunity to strike, after Weidman had exhausted all of his energy in unsuccessfully trying to take down The Devastator.

In a real test of strength and wrestling prowess the pair locked themselves in a powerful clinch for what felt like an eternity, only for Reyes to eventually shake off the former Middleweight Champion and put his rival down with a precisely timed left.

A vicious string of hammers followed and a downed Weidman was saved from complete destruction by a referee stoppage - less than two minutes into the bout.

What started out as a game of grappling chess, soon turned into a physical dissection of Weidman at the hands of Reyes and this underrated exchange should serve as a stern warning to the current UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

The undefeated Reyes is not a one trick pony.


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