10 UFC Stars Who Could Crossover To WWE

The next UFC superstars to drop free healthcare for the promise of the crazy world of pro wrestling.

Michael Bisping

The parallels between pro wrestling and combat sports have been on show, for all to see, for generations. The two sporting goliaths involve charisma, athletic ability, timing and it doesn't hurt if you look like a movie star. You only have to look back at the mighty Mohammed All, dancing his way through fights and press conferences alike, 'float like a butterfly' and 'sting like a bee' capturing the imagination of the world.

The pageantry involved in both arenas along with the drama and impressive spectacle have made combat sports and wrestling, somehow rivals in the modern age, despite one being pre determined (well, about an hour before the show starts, if Vinny Mac is pulling the strings) and the other most definitely not. Over the years we've seen the odd crossover, from Tyson to Mayweather (both relatively successful, you might say) but in the last 10 years a new rival has revealed itself to WWE and you know what that billionaire in Connecticut does to his rivals? Imagine a Frubeā€¦

UFC has become a phenomena, seemingly overnight, even though Dana and his buddies have been plugging away to try and make their sport legitimate for years (partnerships with Reebok and healthcare for his athletes across the world, screams of big time players) the connection to the world's longest weekly soap opera has never been more prevalent. See Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Matt Riddle and Shayna Baezler as a few examples of how seamless the transition, from legit to legit entertainer, can be. The less said about guys heading the other way the better though, ey, Punk?

But, who will be the next UFC superstar to drop free healthcare for the promise of a potential legal battle with a doctor over a false diagnosis? Hopefully no one but here's 10 UFC superstars we'd like to see crossover into the WWE.


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