7 Incredibly Heated UFC Press Conferences

7. UFC 158 Pre-Fight Press Conference

Before getting into the Octagon in his hometown, then-Welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre had to verbally contend with the 209's most revered hero in Nick Diaz.

Sparks were bound to fly, if Diaz had anything to say about it. Controversy was already in place, when Diaz missed a previously scheduled open workout. UFC President Dana White had to ensure the inquiring media that Diaz would not miss the upcoming presser, and would join fellow fighters Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks, Jake Ellenberger, Nate Marquardt, and, of course, his opponent in GSP.

The actual presser was nothing short of peculiarity at best, and downright confrontational at worst. Diaz was in prime form, often firing shots at various targets, ranging from the promotional poster to the promotion perceivably selling wolf tickets. Then came the shots against the Welterweight champion himself.

Diaz often antagonized GSP, which only served to further the angst GSP had for his opponent. The normally-composed Welterweight champion asked Diaz if he was crazy, lamenting that, in tandem with cutting weight and being asked the same, old questions by the media, he just wanted the entire thing to be over with. Diaz' response? Asking GSP why he was so mad.

The Diaz brothers are known for their stoic demeanour, usually not wanting to partake in media processes. When they feel like they are being rubbed the wrong way, however, they usually return verbal fire in a disproportionate amount.


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