8 Most Anticipated Potential And Upcoming UFC Fights

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MMA has been absolutely crazy so far in 2019. Who could have predicted Henry Cejudo's 30 second knockout win over TJ Dillashaw, or Dillashaw's positive test for EPO stemming from that fight? How about Jorge Masvidal knocking out Ben Askren in record time (five seconds) via brutal flying knee?

If you'd predicted that Henry Cejudo would be a double champ in 2019 your opinion would hold about as much weight as a Dana White title shot promise to Colby Covington. But UFC is crazy, and anything can happen any given night. Which is why we as fans speculate so often on what would happen in our dream fights. Would Anderson Silva have been able to knockout GSP, or would GSP have out wrestled him for five rounds?

Unfortunately, we'll never know the answer to that question as the fight was never booked. Lucky for us though, there are many dream fights left to happen in the world of mixed martial arts. Looking ahead in 2019 there are many dream fights that garner the interest of casuals and enthusiasts alike. These are the top eight most anticipated potential and upcoming UFC fights.


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