8 Most Embarrassing Moments In MMA History

8. In-Cage Defecations

When competing in a sport that replicates one of the most stressful situations a human being can find themselves in, it's not exactly surprising that there's been more than one occasion of a fighter losing control of their bowels during a bout.

Even UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis has come close to a similar fate befalling him. After his win over Travis Browne, Lewis explained in his post-fight interview that the reason he had been holding his stomach during the fight was to avoid going number two in the cage.

But some haven't been so lucky.

Julie Kedzie sh*t her pants during a fight with Julia Berezikova in 2007, and later hilariously recounted her experience of being whisked away to meet Russian dignitaries after the fight without getting chance to change out of her stained jocks.

In a fight with Felice Herrig, Justine Kish also had the unfortunate occurrence of staining the Octagon floor with excrement en-route to a decision loss.

Kish was a good sport about it all though, and later hilariously commented on the incident on Twitter.


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