Conor McGregor Open To Welterweight Title Shot

Although he isn't the biggest fan of Kamaru Usman's ‘sniff-the-jockstrap’ style.

Conor McGregor post fight conference ufc 1984

Conor McGregor is very keen to add another belt to his illustrious collection and has set his eyes on the UFC Welterweight title. However, he isn't exactly giddy at the prospect of taking on Kamaru Usman for the gold.

Speaking at Wednesday's press conference before his highly anticipated showdown with Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone, McGregor was asked who he thought was the more exciting fight between current champ Usman and the 'BMF' title holder Jorge Masvidal.

He considered his words carefully before admitting that he'd 'take both'. He then further clarified that he thought “the more exciting of the bouts would probably be myself versus Jorge, from a stylistic standpoint. Usman kind of has the similar style of Khabib (Nurmagomedov), the sniff-the-jockstrap style.”

McGregor clearly senses that more money would be up for grabs in a dynamic contest between himself and 'Gamebred', whereas the Usman fight would probably be the more difficult bout of the two - in terms of styles, at least. McGregor proved in the Nurmagomedov fight that he found it tough - like pretty much everyone everyone else in the division did - to combat 'The Eagle's rag-doll approach.

If he were to take on Usman at some point this year, would we see McGregor get smashed again?

The Welterweight champ seems to think so and stated as much recently when he told MMA Fighting, "He had to take some time off after the Khabib fight. Now imagine him fighting me. I don’t think we ever see him back in the sport."

McGregor still has to get past the Cowboy on Saturday night, so he probably shouldn't count his chickens (or owls) just yet...

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