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Become A Creator

You do not need to have any relevant experience or hold any particular qualifications, but you do need to:

  • Possess excellent creativity
  • Have a keen eye for detail
  • Show a passion for content creation
  • Stay on top of trends


Be Creative

List-driven written features are our bread and butter. But we'll also consider Video submissions or News pieces.

  • Film, TV, Gaming, Sport & More
  • Recommended minimum 1500 words for lists
  • Have your work published
  • Share it on Facebook/Twitter


£30 per published list

You will earn revenue for every article that is published.

  • News or List-based articles considered
  • No limit on articles published
  • Must be 100% original content
  • Paid out via PayPal


How do I sign up?

If you're new to WhatCulture, you can apply on this page to be a contributor by entering your email address above.

How much do I get paid?

At present, articles posted on earn £0.50 for every 1,000 views generated in the first 28 days of publication. The only exception is articles published for the WWE section, where you will earn £30 for every published list article, and £5 for every published shorter news article. All articles must be pitched and approved in advance. Only articles which are ultimately published are eligible for payout.

When will I be paid?

Fixed rate articles published in the previous month will be paid out via PayPal in the first few days of the following month (e.g. An article published during February would be paid out at the start of March), and those that earn variable rates will be paid out via PayPal in the first few days of the earliest month after the 28-day minimum earning period (e.g. variable rate content that is published on May 15th, would be paid out during the first few days of July)

What can I write about?

WhatCulture's a broad church, and we're always open to new ideas. Presently our core audience is focused on Film, TV, Wrestling, Gaming and Comics, but if you've got your own ideas we're always willing to hear them.

How do I pitch an article?

Once you're registered on the site and set up as a contributor you'll be able to access our pitching system for articles. You'll enter a brief description of your idea and a few key points and our editorial team will let you know if it's something that would work on WhatCulture.

How frequently can I pitch?

As often as you like, although getting a pitch approved is at the discretion of our editorial team.

When does my work get published?

Once you've submitted your finished article, it'll be passed onto the appropriate member of the editorial team who'll check that it's inline with our existing style and standard of publishing. Once it's ready, it'll be published at the soonest appropriate opportunity.

My pitch was rejected, what gives?

Our editorial team is committed to publishing the best possible content and, occasionally, they'll have to knock back an idea that's too far removed from what they know our audience are interested in. They'll be happy to provide feedback as to why on request.

My article has been sent back to me, what does that mean?

Again, our editorial team is committed to publishing the best possible content, and this means that occasionally we'll need to make alterations to bring it in line with our existing style and standards. Sometimes it might even take a few goes, but rest assured all feedback is designed to be constructive.

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