10 Anti-AEW Moves WWE Made Out Of Spite

Petty shots at a pissant company that DEFINITELY isn't competition... right, Vince?

Triple H Pissant Company

"AEW should focus on themselves!"

The above has been one of pro wrestling's most frequently repeated takes since Tony Khan's promotion launched in 2019. A go-to phrase for fans and pundits bristled by Khan and his crew punching up at Vince McMahon and WWE's 20+ years of complete market dominance, it ignores that the overwhelming majority of the most anti-competitive moves have been instigated by the other side.

Cody Rhodes smashing a prop throne and Taz referencing sloppy shops are minor chess moves when McMahon, who has always promoted like this, continually attempts to use his incomparable financial clout and indomitable market share to reduce AEW's.

Online wrestling discourse is often tribal and poisonous, particularly pertaining to competitive matters. One side can't so much as glance at the other without inspiring mass ranklement. This won't change (WWE and AEW's growth will continue through the next round of TV rights deals), but while you might not like the potshots, neither side is going to start focusing entirely on themselves anytime soon. That isn't how competitive markets work.

Two weeks ago, Michael Hamflett ran through ten times Tony Khan and co. sideswiped Vince McMahon. Today, we explore the opposite side of the coin.

Let's get petty...

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