10 Awesome Storylines That WWE Totally Ruined

9. Sting Vs. Triple H

Sting coming to WWE should’ve been huge. The Invasion suffered through WWE’s inability to convince WCW’s top talents to join the action, but the likes of Goldberg, Scott Steiner, and Ric Flair would eventually debut for the company in the aftermath. Sting remained the one athlete who eluded the company, however, and when he finally arrived in 2014, it was a massive deal.

Debuting at that year’s Survivor Series, Sting hit the ring to attack Triple H and cost Team Authority a match that should’ve effectively ended their reign of terror. Therein lies the first problem: instead of sticking to the pre-assigned match stipulation, WWE restored the Authority just a few weeks later, effectively rendering Sting’s actions pointless, and sucking the life from his debut.

The story was still salvageable at this point, though. There were a couple of further missteps along the way, but Sting’s crusade to remove the greedy Triple H from power continued, and the two were set-up for a big match at WrestleMania 32.

This is where things really went south. Instead of leaning on the anti-authority vigilante story they’d told through the buildup, WWE presented an overbooked mess of a match featuring interferences from both DX and the nWo (who interfered on Sting’s behalf, which makes literally no sense). Moreover, instead of winning and providing a logical conclusion, Sting lost his one and only WrestleMania match, and his crusade ended with a whimper.


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