10 Best Wrestlers Who Were Never WWE Champion

The reverse midas touch.


Though still broadly protective over its top titles in 2018, WWE is still a place where anybody can suddenly be a somebody.

Jinder Mahal's 2017 WWE Championship reign was a coarse reminder than Vince McMahon still runs his organisation with an iron fist capable of flattening dreams in pursuit of a dystopian nightmare - at least thats what arenas looked like the longer 'The Modern Day Maharaja' spent with the supposed 'Richest Prize'.

AJ Styles' reign hasn't reversed the curse, though it has partially restored the belt to one of it's former glories - the hard-fought acknowledgement that you're the best of what's left. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were damned with this faint praise during their own times, but these spells are as important as the ones that propel the company into the mainstream.

For every Austin, Hogan and Cena that dictates a generation's narrative, there must be Hart's, Michaels' and Styles' to carefully control the in-between. Everybody doesn't just get a turn as if the strap was a participation medal - despite the Jinder/JBL outliers buried within its legacy. These are men far more deserving than those two, and whilst it's hard to imagine them to pinching a spot on the oft-debated 'Mount Rushmore of Wrestling', it would have been fascinating to see them try.


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