10 Disgruntled Superstars WWE Rewarded With A Push

Online pouting never goes unnoticed.


It's amazing the lengths WWE will go to these days to keep their talent content and under contract now that they have legitimate competition in AEW.

The Jacksonville-based promotion already boasts an incredible crop of competitors, including Jon Moxley. Needless to say, WWE wasn't too thrilled about losing the former Dean Ambrose to the opposition and has shown that they will do everything imaginable to ensure it doesn't happen again, regardless of who it is and where they are on the WWE totem pole at the moment.

In many ways, the birth of AEW has benefited the WWE roster, specifically those who haven't been creatively satisfied with their spot in the company. Usually all it takes is a tweet or two for the powers that be to take notice of their unhappiness, and instead of reprimanding or punishing them, those wrestlers will be offered a new, more lucrative long-term contract.

Oney Lorcan, for example, was off WWE TV for months because he reportedly requested his release, but by early December, he re-signed. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Luke Harper was adamant about leaving and was eventually granted his release. Which category soon-to-be-free-agent Matt Hardy will fall under remains to be seen.

If he follows in the footsteps of these 10 talents, he'll be back on WWE TV receiving a push in no time.

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