10 Exact Moments Wrestlers Died Inside

Imma head out.


Everybody has a limit on the dumb sh*t they have to put it with.

Why, just think of RETRIBUTION!

Retribution can manifest as a gang of skate punks in their Che Guevara phase raging against the WWE machine, which is less "Lights out, Guerrilla Radio," and more "Lights flicker a little bit to conceal the fact that we can't kick a 71 year-old man with myriad health issues in the head, Guerrilla Radio".

F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me, but I will throw a cinder block through an existing gap instead of another glass door because it's expensive and we can already get in, but we won't cause more havoc because we are absolutely f*cking useless.

'Know Your Enemy', but the enemy is not anybody in power but rather a Performance Center greenhorn, a set of ring ropes, and a car. RETRIBUTION are thus far petty vandals that literally not one wrestler on RAW nor SmackDown has given a sh*t about. Wake Up, lads!

It can also manifest, in the case of the disillusioned professional wrestler, as a very, very casual relinquishment of one's last f*cks...


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