10 Exact Moments Wrestlers Died Inside

Imma head out.

CM Punk Inside

Everybody has a limit on the dumb sh*t they have to put it with.

Why, just think of RETRIBUTION!

Retribution can manifest as a gang of skate punks in their Che Guevara phase raging against the WWE machine, which is less "Lights out, Guerrilla Radio," and more "Lights flicker a little bit to conceal the fact that we can't kick a 71 year-old man with myriad health issues in the head, Guerrilla Radio".

F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me, but I will throw a cinder block through an existing gap instead of another glass door because it's expensive and we can already get in, but we won't cause more havoc because we are absolutely f*cking useless.

'Know Your Enemy', but the enemy is not anybody in power but rather a Performance Center greenhorn, a set of ring ropes, and a car. RETRIBUTION are thus far petty vandals that literally not one wrestler on RAW nor SmackDown has given a sh*t about. Wake Up, lads!

It can also manifest, in the case of the disillusioned professional wrestler, as a very, very casual relinquishment of one's last f*cks...

10. Braden Walker

CM Punk Inside

WWE's scripting is terrible.

It has been terrible for years, but that's not the correct unit of time. We are talking decades here, and yet people are still disappointed, somehow, when WWE botches Latest Development X. Statistically, they will f*ck up more than they create anything of worth, hence why Mandy Rose's Hair got more main roster screen time than Mustafa Ali this week.

The Hair is blonde, mind.

The dog that curled off the sh*t is long dead, RIP. The heckin' sh*t is dry and white, which not coincidentally describes to a T WWE's creative department.

But particularly terrible was the segment handed to Braden Walker in 2008. The ex-TNA man was damned instantly - he looked unremarkable, and wasn't an in-house prospect - and he died inside and out the second he sauntered up to Armando Estrada and said "Knock knock."

"Who's there?" Estrada said.

"Braden Walker. And I'm gonna knock your brains out," Walker said, visibly seething at the state of his life. This is a man who made his entrance to the ring with his hands on his hips lol.

If somebody were cutting a promo back at him now, they'd say "Wildcat?

More like, Tame mouse!"

Because WWE's scripting is terrible.


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