10 Forgotten Moments In The Undertaker's WWE Career

The award for successfully dragging Diesel into the murky abyss goes to...

The Undertaker WrestleMania 34

The Undertaker made his on camera WWE debut over 10,000 days ago.

Let that sink in for just a second, then think about how many of the character's epic twists, turns, major moments, biggest matches and countless slow-walk entrances you remember. It's incredible even to type this: 'Taker's influence has now spanned across 28 years, and he's still not done. There's (part time) life in the old dog yet.

With so much history to fall back on, it's perhaps not surprising to occasionally spot him during late-night binge sessions on the WWE Network and say, "Oh yeah, that happened". After all, remembering every minute detail of the character's career is unlikely; the human brain can only hold so much undead-zombie-meets-bad-ass-biker fun before it focuses on other things.

Forgive yourself for not taking everything in, but take a trip down memory lane and fill in those blanks with these oft-forgotten moments from The Undertaker archives. Think the Casket Match is his only trademark? Ha! Think again. Remember that time 'Taker ditched the supernatural and went all shoot promo? You're in the minority...


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