10 Great Wrestling Pairings That Didn't Last Long Enough

We'd only just begun...

Two Man Power Trip Steve Austin Triple H Undertaker

Professional wrestling's history is filled with tons of classic duos. It's hard to think of Scott Hall without immediately picturing Kevin Nash. Edge and Christian's careers will forever be intertwined due to all of the great matches they were in together. Same goes with classic tag teams like the Road Warriors and The Dudley Boyz. Alone, each one of those wrestlers was great, but together, they created something truly memorable.

Then there's romantic relationships like Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, which turned them into icons, or manager/wrestler duos like Bobby Heenan and Andre the Giant who provided years worth of entertainment. Fans will never forget these pairings, or hundreds of other tag teams and manager/talent alliances that have been established over the decades.

Sadly, though, sometimes two people get together on-air, but are torn apart far, far too soon. We could see so much potential in them, but for some reason they were split up before they could live up to their potential. Sometimes this has been due to injuries, while in other instances, management wasn't enthusiastic about the duo they put together in the first place and decided to set sail for a new course almost immediately.

Often times, the new direction is less interesting, which only leaves us wondering "what if?" in the following years...


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