10 Hidden Meanings Behind WWE Superstar Tattoos

Brie Bella's "bear claws" explained.

Several WWE superstars place great importance on their tattoos. It is a form of expression, a constant reminder of a meaningful subject. If you go through any wrestling locker room, you'll find that a majority of wrestlers will have a tattoo. It isn't always a full on war-paint like The Undertaker, but sometimes just a small private symbol. You do of course get wrestlers who have no tattoos, it isn't a look for everyone. In WWE, may wrestler tattoos have truly interesting stories behind them. Here's a look at some of the meanings behind WWE's greatest superstar tattoos.

10. Brock Lesnar - The Sword

Brock Lesnar's chest sword tattoo, which some fans have in fact described as a giant penis, has a very interesting story behind it. Lesnar reveals in his 2011 autobiography that he got the tattoo after getting drunk. He was involved in a legal dispute at the time with WWE, as they tried to exercise a no-compete clause to stop him from working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Feeling like Vince McMahon had a sword to his throat, a drunken Lesnar went to a tattoo shop and had the massive sword placed on his chest. The idea is that it will always remind him of the tough times he has came through. Kind of ironic that he's now back working for the WWE.
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