10 Horrible Decisions That Gave Us Great Wrestling

When McMahon gives you lemons, make lemonade.


Despite George Barrios' continued insistence that "super-serving" the audience is one of their top priorities, it's safe to say that Vince McMahon and his band of executives don't always go out of their way to appease their own fanbase.

The argument that the Chairman is out of touch isn't without merit. He often seems deaf to the audience's desires, and some instances make it seem as though deliberately going out of his way to trigger certain types of fans.

Whatever his motivations, Vince's every decision comes under immense scrutiny, particularly in the social media age. See Jinder Mahal's ropey WWE Championship reign for an example of what usually happens in situations like this: 'The Maharaja' completely failed to get over throughout his five-month run, and SmackDown's main event scene plummeted. This is par for the course, but sometimes, even what look like boneheaded, incompetent decisions create solid gold.

There's often no telling how something will pan out until it's put into practice, and while each of these ideas seemed awful at the time, each worked out in the end.

Not even Attitude Era soothsayer Mideon could've foreseen these staggering turnarounds...


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