10 MORE Wrestlers In Situations That Scared The Sh*t Out Of Them

Fear Factory.


As evidenced by his banteriffic WrestleMania battle with The Miz, Shane McMahon isn't a great pro wrestler. He isn't great with his fists, despite his hilarious efforts to coach George Mizanin at the 'Show Of Shows'. He isn't always even that great a character - McMahon's 'Money' persona always suits him better as a heel despite the company's efforts to often promote him as the smiling face of the family.

He is, however, utterly fearless.

The problem with McMahon flexing the grapefruits his Dad used to boast is in how the spoiled sh*thouse insists on showing, rather than just telling. Father Vince's old mantra was to never ask his talent to do something he wouldn't do himself (and prove it, when necessary). His progeny instead literally dives headfirst into the biggest stunts on the show in order to get over at their expense. 'The Money' is oddly, sort of, a proven draw as a result. His 2016 return resulted in a ticket sales boost for WrestleMania 32, whilst his additions to major cards and matches over the years have come with the virtual promise at least one f*cking mental thing happening on the show.

Too rich to care about risk, Shane's a human being short on standard human emotions. The wrestlers - his families workers - are closer to us mere mortals than the McMahons themselves. They're still capable of summoning real feelings. Love, hate, panic and even, on occasion, fear.


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