10 Reasons Why WWE Needs To Burn Raw Down And Start Again

Alexa Bliss should have taken a fireball to WWE Raw in general, not just Randy Orton...

Randy Orton match Raw

WWE Raw is not the easiest of wrestling shows to watch right now. From wrestlers constantly trying to murder each other, to a 71-year-old man having an extramarital affair with a woman less than half his age, WWE gives us no shortage of reasons for turning off the TV.

If Vince and co. are actually shocked by the ratings sliding all the way down to the core of the earth, then they are even more out of touch than expected. Even one-eyed Rey Mysterio could have seen this coming.

The show is bad. There’s no other way to put it. It’s just plain bad. There is no consistency, most of the things don’t make any sense, and the whole show looks like it is being made up as they go along. Oh, wait...

There is so much wrong with the show that fixing or altering them one at a time is simply not an option. Everything from stories, to character presentations, to the ordering of the show, need wholesale changes. The whole thing needs a complete disassembly, so it can be rebuilt and revamped from scratch.

So, strike that match, Randy: time to burn it down...

10. Lack Of Depth In Multiple Divisions

Randy Orton match Raw

This, of course, refers to the Women’s, Women’s Tag Team, Men's Tag Team, and the United States Title divisions. Why?

Because WWE can’t be bothered with building people up to compete in them.

Over the past few months, tag teams were broken up without any reason (some of whom were simply paired up with new, completely random partners), all credible challengers were dismantled, and no new competitors were identified as potential stars of their respective divisions.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler ran through the women’s tag teams, only to lose their titles to the shoehorned team of Charlotte Flair and Asuka. Afterwards, both teams kept fiddling around with filler angles, before the champions actually went on to pursue individual affairs.

It was the same with Bobby Lashley and his US Title reign. He ate all his competition alive, leaving him with no credible challengers. There was no attempt at building up anyone to challenge him either, with Riddle earning his title shot on the back of near-weekly burials.

Given the wealth of talent at their disposal, it is almost impossible to understand why WWE do not take advantage of them. All they really need is to make proper use of their divisions. If they did, maybe Raw would not be such a hard watch.


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