10 Reasons Why WWE Needs To Burn Raw Down And Start Again

8. Championships Rendered Meaningless

Randy Orton match Raw

A wrestling show is defined by its titles. Unfortunately for Raw, the championships that the wrestlers are meant to fight for haven’t exactly been well presented of late. For large parts, no one even seems to care about them, reducing the titles to little more than decorative props.

Take the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler won the titles from Bayley and Sasha not because they desperately wanted the belts, but because they wanted to get back at the champions.

Similarly, after winning the titles, Asuka and Charlotte were off doing individual programs. What’s more, no one else cared enough to even try and take the belts off them - even their successful Royal Rumble opponents. The US Title is in a similar situation. While Lashley himself is the most protected man in the universe, up until the recent stuff with Riddle, no one appeared to show any strong desire for his title.

The feuds surrounding championships are usually what draws audiences to wrestling shows. The fact that Raw is simply ignoring its titles, and any potential for building feuds around them, means it's no surprise they are in such a slump.

A wrestling show needs its championships to feel important. And right now Raw is failing miserably at it.


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