10 Reasons WWE Fans Will FINALLY Accept Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is the most polarising wrestler in the world.

Reigns is pilloried for using the same weapons in his arsenal, match on match - despite the fact that every last wrestler on the planet does this. Teddy Hart is perhaps the exception, and he's no role model to follow...in any walk of life. Those who criticise Reigns for this are perhaps unaware that the "Five Moves of Doom" meme was devised by Scott Keith as an affection critique of Uncle Bret - who is also held aloft as the pinnacle of in-ring achievement.

Reigns is pilloried for his use of the Superman Punch...by those who grew up on Hulk Hogan's Big Boot, with which he used to initiate his finishing sequence to the delight of his younger fans sparked into action and emotion by the comfort of routine and the promise of their hero emerging victorious.

Reigns is pilloried for daring to exist in 2018. There is a certain pocket of the fandom in outright denial of Roman's superb body of work - so much so that nothing, it seems, can stem the tide.

He will, however, finally overcome...

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