10 Receipts Wrestlers Still Owe

The Rock, The Undertaker and other WWE/AEW stars who have unfinished business.

Chris Jericho The Rock

If you've watched pro wrestling for even a few years, then you've witnessed some "receipts".

Pot shots, "potatoes" and other such revenge bids are commonplace inside the ring, and they always have been, but things aren't always super-serious. There's one entry on this list that stands out for its jovial, light-hearted nature - that doesn't mean the victim has forgotten about his rather smelly and unpleasant experience!

Others are much more gritty. In-ring accidents (which left workers p*ssed off and hungry for retribution) and backstage fights created tension between some, and none of these situations have been repaid in kind over the years. Some talents might've talked things over since, but there was no real tit for tat over what happened.

The receipt wasn't returned, in other words.

To keep things interesting, there's no room for those who are no longer with us and can't feasibly return the favour. WWE, WCW and AEW stars also go under the microscope, although not necessarily when they worked for those companies. This is a deep-dive on outstanding debts wrestlers still owe their peers.

Is revenge coming? In some cases, absolutely not. In others, watch this space...

10. Becky Lynch (Nia Jax)

Chris Jericho The Rock

In some sick way, Becky Lynch should thank Nia Jax.

The clumsy Jax splattered Becky's nose on the 12 November 2018 edition of Raw. That errant strike broke Lynch's beak and left her with a concussion, but it also led to one of the most iconic visuals of the entire era; defiant and bloody, 'The Man' still stood proudly as the show went off the air.

There were no consequences for Nia's recklessness though, and she still cuts an uncoordinated and dangerous figure during some matches. It's actually a slight surprise that Jax hasn't thumped somebody else like she did Bex - more recent incidents with Kairi Sane and Dana Brooke got people talking on Twitter though.

Long story short, Lynch still owes Nia one for breaking her nose during that Raw vs. SmackDown scuffle designed to hype Survivor Series. Who knows if she'll ever cash in her chance. Probably not, and it's not like anybody should want Becky to sock a co-worker for real.

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