10 Sex Scandals That Rocked WWE

The travelling circus lifestyle of a WWE superstar is inevitably going to lead to its share of sex scandals. A wrestler and diva are sometimes travelling the road together as part of a 14 day tour, sharing the same backstage, going back to the same hotel for a few hours sleep a night... you can use your imagination as to what sometimes happens. Sex is just another vice used by wrestlers as a way of healing the pain of what they do. In some ways it is a good vice compared to the traditional escapes of drugs, alcohol or gambling. In other ways it's a sure way of getting heat in the locker room, the moral implications of a sexual affair often leading to a negative reputation for those involved. Even a sexual relationship between two single people can be contentious, a source of gossip which inevitably leaks to the wider wrestling fan-base. There's simply no privacy in WWE these days, the proliferation of the internet and curious fans has led to a culture of zero secrecy. If an affair is going on, chances are it will be getting reported in a 'dirtsheet' in no time at all. These leaks are at times full on shocks. Various sex scandals have engulfed the WWF / WWE over the years, at times proving unsavoury. There's been everything from harassment law suits to talent ending up out of a job. When it comes to sex in this business, you really are playing with fire. Let's take a look at the ten biggest scandals...
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