10 Signs Wrestling Is Heading Towards A New Golden Age

Business is down, but a creative boom is on the horizon.


There has rarely been a better time to be a professional wrestling fan. Business is way down from the sport's peak periods, and a full recovery would take a miracle, but artistically, things are more exciting than ever before.

WWE don't always do the best job of meeting their fans' needs, but wrestling's smaller promotions are flourishing, and increased accessibility through social media and streaming platforms makes exploring remarkably simple. Fed up of Raw and SmackDown? No problem, just grab yourself a month's subscription to NJPW World or Demand PROGRESS for a true alternative.

We'll likely never see a return to parity of the territory era or the Monday Night Wars, when a number of different companies were thriving at an international level and the sport's cultural relevance was peaking. In that regard, hoping for a new golden age is romantic at best, but this is a wonderful period from a consumer's perspective, and it's only getting better.

There's plenty wrong with the business in 2017, but there's no shortage of great things happening in wrestling at the moment, and all signs point towards another creative, athletic, and artistic boom.

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