10 Things That Didn't Go The Way WWE Wanted

Swing and a miss...

Being a member of the WWE creative team is a difficult job.

No, seriously - there are so many factors that go into booking a weekly wrestling show that people often don't consider. Think about it - imagine building a comprehensive storyline spanning several months, only to have it all fall apart because one of the talents got injured. Or because the fans aren't responding to it well enough.

Or because Vince wanted to change something at the last minute.

How incredibly frustrating that must be.

Try as they might, WWE creative has no idea how the fans are going to react to certain angles or how well the wrestlers will perform in their respective roles. As a result, many angles (and perhaps even more pushes) die hard. Sometimes, it's legitimately not their fault and beyond their control, but some booking decisions leave fans scratching their heads, asking, "how could they possibly think that would work?" or, "why are they still trying to make this a thing?" or even, "why that guy?"

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