10 Things WWE Mean By The "Reality Era"

5. The Actual In-Ring Style

Part of the reality era is more realistic matches. There's still the odd gimmick or weapon being involved, but more and more, we are seeing straight-up wrestling matches. The action of these tend to be more of an MMA inspired style, further adding to the realism of the product. Daniel Bryan and Triple H's WrestleMania 30 match summed this up, there were kicks, submission holds and further hard hitting moves that had an edge of reality. Later on in the night we witnessed Brock Lesnar and Undertaker contest as similarly MMA inspired contest of holds and hits. When Brock Lesnar finally won it was a clean finish. The era of over the top finishes we witnessed in the Attitude Era are on the way out. Raw itself has clearly been more of a wrestling show than it was during the attitude era. We regularly get at least a few good matches, often a twenty minute plus contest somewhere on the card. This all fits with WWE's promise to make Raw more like sports, a change they're bringing in because it makes the product more valuable to Network TV. As WWE moves away from entertainment and into sports it's only going to get more realistic.
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