10 Things WWE Mean By The "Reality Era"

3. It All Began With CM Punk

The seeds for the Reality Era were planted in 2011 with CM Punk. His story proved to WWE the power of harnessing the internet and real issues in order to drive on-air drama. The Pipe Bomb and internet reports of Punk's unhappiness in the company fuelled a wave of popularity for the star which WWE grabbed a hold of, he ended up becoming a top merchandise seller and main event draw. Having seen this, WWE have applied the use of on-air / off-air dynamics to the product right now. This time it is throughout the product, hence why it is called the reality era, all the characters now have a real story to follow beyond the screen. Total Divas in some ways has expanded on this, it's a further way to see the 'real' divas behind the characters (ironically though Total Divas is scripted too). The Daniel Bryan push and new feeling in the air can be seen as the start of this new era, but we have to give credit to Punk and the 2011-2014 run he had. He was the first guy to really open up his life and thoughts in wider contexts. Whenever he tweeted you got the feeling you were hearing from the real guy. The Daniel Bryan YES Movement in some ways has just been a re-boot of this, a disgruntled performer in real life who rode a wave of internet support for his real issues to achieve his fictional goals.
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