10 Times WWE Capitalised On Low Expectations

10. TLC 2017


Most entries on this list are a result of WWE exceeding expectations they had set upon themselves. Here however, that is not the case.

A viral infection in the WWE locker room had afflicted a number of Superstars, most notably Bray Wyatt, who was set to face Finn Bálor, and Roman Reigns, who was part of the reuniting Shield, who were set to face The Miz, Kane, Braun Strowman, Sheamus and Cesaro.

Rather than outright cancel two of the biggest matches on the card, WWE arguably improved them. AJ Styles stepped in to face The Demon King, and the two proceeded to tear the house down, with Bálor actually going over, giving hope to fans that WWE were finally ready to reignite Bálor's 2016 push.

WWE however were not done, and chose to replace Roman Reigns with Kurt Angle. As in, THE Kurt Angle, who had not wrestled for WWE in over eleven years, and who had been general manager of Raw for the past eight months. Kurt's return added a whole new dynamic to a somewhat underwhelming Shield reunion, and the eight men proceeded to have one of most ridiculous matches of the last decade, featuring about 47 broken tables, a garbage truck and the heel team imploding on itself.

Did WWE potentially use up one of their dream matches that deserved a bigger stage? Yes.

Did they waste the incredible story of Angle finally returning to a WWE ring? Without a doubt.

Did it result in an utterly brilliant pay-per-view? Absolutely.

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