10 Times WWE Purposefully Lied To Fans

Wrestling in 'it's all fake' shocker!


Wrestling fans should know by now to be just that little bit discerning with the word of WWE. After all, theirs is an industry built entirely on lies.

Once over, the biggest myth the company perpetuated was that the whole spectacle was a legitimate contest, that the matches weren't pre-determined, and that The Undertaker really was an un-dead mortician.

Some - many - didn't buy it, and eventually the business had to come clean and accept itself as a scripted form of entertainment like any other. The pre-ordained contests were no longer acts of deceit, but theatrical expressions, an act which everybody was in on.

However, an increase in fans' perspicacity didn't water down the massive fibs coming out of Stamford, and though we're no longer expected to believe what we're seeing is real, we are expected to believe a whole cavalcade of other nonsense coming from the company as incontrovertible fact.

Take Emmalina's protracted 'debut'. For months now, we've been guaranteed the Australian is ripe to make her debut, only to be disappointed when it doesn't transpire. It's an angle, sure, but it's also a calculated lie, devised to trick the audience into tuning in on the off-chance it's not !*$%.

These acts of deceit are not uncommon. Over and over again, WWE have intentionally fooled their fans to sell tickets, aggrandise the brand, or simply because it's pathological.

Here's just ten.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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