10 Uncomfortable Wrestling Truths

The world is watching (a product made for an audience of one).


2017 has never been anything less than fascinating.

WWE's ability to retain a monopoly over the industry, despite ritually antagonising audiences, is as impressive as it is totally depressing. This Jinder Mahal business, after SummerSlam, moved even the jaded into a state of despair. Shinsuke Nakamura, now just another wrestler, took just one botched finisher en route to yet another Singh Brothers-assisted Maharaja win. The guy the hardcore fans love was defeated by the guy the hardcore fans hate in an era in which WWE gears its business model exclusively towards the hardcore fans. The logic is impossible to parse. Only one person gets it. We feign to dislike him, and yet throw our pounds and dollars at him on a monthly basis. But not our rupees, given that WWE pay-per-views are free in India, and WWE has no immediate plans to promote shows in that country - despite installing a man of Indian descent as WWE Champion in an attempt to monetise it. Presumably. At some point.

That WWE seems to either misunderstand - or loathe their audience entirely - is just one of several uncomfortable wrestling truths...

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