10 Ways Wrestling Changes You As A Person

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When you take a step back, and look at a day in the life of a pro wrestling fan through a different lens, you begin to realise that it is all-consuming.

You check the news from across the globe.

Tensions rise inexorably between India and Pakistan. India has threatened the “complete isolation” of its neighbour after a suicide bomber tragically killed 46 soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir. Both lay claim to the disputed region, and already, the word “claim” triggers images of India interrupting Pakistan in the opening segment of Monday Night RAW.

President Donald Trump is set to declare a national emergency in his attempts to build a wall between Mexico and America, and we’re wondering why he can’t just learn from the example of Zeb Coulter and Alberto Del Rio. That might pop ‘em on Reddit, you think, as this dire political situation that threatens the integrity of the world’s biggest superpower and the lives of so many desperate Mexican natives simply disappears from your mind, replaced by *checks Twitter* Oh look, the Revival want to bring the old school WWF tag belts. That’s nice. They looked good.

Only, you don’t check the news from across the globe. I only did for the purposes of this intro. Instead, we rush to Twitter, and shake our heads at dismay because somebody already came up with the ‘Welcome to the penitentiary!” joke at Jimmy Uso’s expense. We all came up with it.

Pro wrestling is all-consuming…

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