10 Wrestlers Tony Khan Banned From The AEW Locker Room

9. Vince Russo & Disco Inferno

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A slight technicality this, but such a fun dual entry that it’s worth revisiting all the same.

There simply couldn’t have been an All Elite Wrestling launch in 2019 without an All In one-off special a year prior. Or, there could have been, but the specific shape of it might have been wildly different without such a polished and prominent proof-of-concept.

Cody Rhodes was at the centre of all of it, and over two Twitter exchanges made clear a previously open door had been slammed shut on two divisive and controversial industry figures. Perhaps that's unfair on one of them actually - there's very little division when it comes to Disco Inferno.

Either way, Russo was booted early with this;

Before Inferno was memorably ex-communicated from living with this;

Double clamped by The Roller-Codester, Tony Khan never unbanned either of them despite opening the door to half the industry during the time period. Rhodes' return to WWE could theoretically free a spot for either of them one day, but don't bank on it, bro.

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